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Capella is at the forefront of making vital information about our world accessible in a timely manner. We’re leveraging proven technologies and building new capabilities to create a constellation of SAR satellites that can collect information about any spot on the planet within an hour.

At Capella you’ll work in a collaborative team environment, alongside smart people with a history of space mission success. No prior space experience is needed—we’re looking for people excited about tackling seemingly impossible challenges, learning new skills and concepts, and helping each other achieve success.

Our mission and our products are meant to understand the whole world and help everyone in it, regardless of race, creed, or any other distinction. We believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we encourage all people to join our team and bring their unique perspective to help make us stronger.

We value diversity at Capella and welcome applications from those who are traditionally underrepresented in tech. If you like the sound of this position, but are not sure if you are the perfect fit, please apply!


Capella Space is looking to grow its engineering team with a Space Operations Engineer. You’ll work closely with the hardware and product teams to develop flight operations procedures, mission activity plans, and develop automated constellation operations procedures.

Spacecraft Operations work in our mission control center commanding our satellites, and alongside our team our hardware engineers to accomplish mission objectives. The role requires mental dexterity, technical understanding of the spacecraft’s systems, and a deep understanding of contingency scenarios.

Our operations team must generate optimal satellite task plans that account for all system health and safety constraints while being able to rapidly respond to new requests. You will work on simulating a wide variety of customer use-cases, assess the performance of our planning algorithms, and develop improvements to our automated tasking and response capabilities. You will will deploy new tasking methods to our platform and evaluate their performance running our satellites.

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Besides the opportunity to take part in an innovative and fast-growing business with a highly motivated and skilled team, we also take pride in taking care of our employees. Here are just a few ways that we show our appreciation:

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